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Summary of Success: 2011 Presentations

Ogallala Aquifer Program workers met in Lubbock, Texas in March of 2011 to summarize what they have discovered recently during the course of their work. These videos run from ten to twenty minutes and are a good way to learn what is new.

Groundwater Issues

  • Conservation Districts Issues
    Sherry Stephens - High Plains Underground Water Conservation District
    26:38 (20.9 MB)
    Issues being faced by conservation districts in 2011
  • Playas
    Dennis Gitz - USDA-ARS Lubbock, TX,
    21:07 (16.0 MB)
    Importance of Playas and Influence of Sediments to recharge of the Ogallala Aquifer.
  • High Plains Water Availability Water ManagementStudy
    Natalie Houston, U.S. Geological Survey, Texas Water Science Center,
    13:53 (11.1 MB)
    Overview of the High Plains Aquifer Groundwater Availability Study.
  • Ethanol
    Bridget Guerrero - Texas AgriLife Extension
    12:04 (8.5 MB)
    A study on the impacts of ethanol plants in the region and how they affect our economy

Special Plant Genetics Project

  • Special Plant Genetics Project - Peanuts
    Paxton Payton, USDA-ARS Lubbock, TX
    19:17 (14.8 MB)
    Genomics of abiotic stress responses in peanuts.
  • Special Plant Genetics Project - Sorghum
    Zhanguo Xin, USDA-ARS Lubbock, TX
    16:58 (12.2 MB)
    Selecting for Transpiration Efficiency in Sorghum
  • Special Plant Genetics Project - Wheat
    Jackie Rudd, Texas AgriLife Research, Amarillo TX
    15:49 (12.2 MB)
    Designing hard winter wheat varieties to increase profitability and value for Texas producers and processors.

Issues Facing Crop Commodities

  • Texas Wheat
    Kody Bessent, Texas Wheat Producers Board
    24:36 (19.2 MB)
    Issues facing wheat production in Texas from a wheat producer prospective.
  • Sorghum Check-Off Program
    Virgil Smail, Sorghum Check-Off Program
    11:45 (9.1 MB)
    An overview of the Sorghum Check-Off and Issues facing sorghum producers.

Online Tools

  • Online User Profile Tool
    Thomas Marek and Dana Porter, Texas AgriLife Research & Extension, Amarillo, TX and Lubbock, TX
    14:08 (9.8 MB)
    Online User Profile Tool for Irrigation Management using weather data.
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